Worm Formula

Our Crazy Stuff Worm Formula is high in protein which will greatly increase your worm growth and production.

This unique formula can be used for:


Banana Worms

white worms

Walter Worms and other species.   


Take about three tablespoons of “Crazy Stuff Worm Formula” and add aged water -- just enough water to make a runny paste.  Add ½ tsp of fruit preferably smashed banana.  Add a pinch of baker’s yeast to give your culture a kick start.  The consistency should be like soft ice cream.

 Take a scoop from your old culture and add it to your new culture and mix in.  Cover with vented lid.

 If you are using the formula for White or Grindle worms spread the worm formula on top of your culture soil and cover with damp paper or similar material.

 That is all there is to it.  Worms go crazy over this stuff.