Mealworm Beetles (Tenebrio Molitor)

The darkling beetle has 4 main stages in their life cycle which takes around 3-5 months to complete depending on temperature, humidity and food availability.


Line the bottom of the container with what will be food for your beetles (2 inches or so). We use and recommend wheat bran.  Keep it in a warm dry place.  If you begin to smell a foul smell, then the bedding will need to be changed out.  If you notice that your bedding is too wet, you may need to make sure it is properly vented.  Also, if it does gets damp and moldy, bedding will need to be changed out.

Feeding:  Use moist food like potatoes, carrots are the best. No additional moisture is needed.  Remove food if it molds and replace with fresh. 

Beetles have their own internal water source.  Their bodies fabricate it from other molecules.  Adult female beetles deposit eggs on surface.