Praying Mantis Egg - 6 Chinese

Hatch time is 2 to 8 weeks and hatch time starts approx. when you receive your order.

 To unpack your mantis egg(s):

Place the (egg(s) on stick) inside a container with vented lid and lightly mist with water and cover.  It’s better if you can put some coconut fiber in the bottom of your container plus some sort of branch or climbing twig.

 For hatching:

Lightly mist every other day to keep the egg environment moist.


If you are letting them go in your garden:

 Just let the nymphs sit another 3 days in its hatching container not opening the lid.  Once you open the lid, you cannot get them back in.

 The reason for another 3 days is to let them get stronger.  You do, however, need to spray the top lid allowing moisture to drip in.

 As long as it is past all frost outside, then you can release them probably in area where you see lots of tiny bugs as they will want to eat soon.  Just set the container down on the side taking the lid off and watch them go.

 If you plan on raising some, they will need to be divided out individually into their own small habitat (small is important while they are small so the nymph can easily find its food)  You will need Melanogaster Fruit Flies for food.