When using infusoria as food for fry you need to keep in mind that infusoria are microscopic so even a small amount of water from the culture jar will contain many infusoria. For this reason, it is important that you do not add too much infusoria water to your fry tank at one time because the uneaten infusoria will die and could pollute your tank. The easiest way to harvest infusoria is to use an eye dropper (included with your order) to collect a small amount of water from the top of the culture and to squirt it directly into the fry tank. You should plan to feed your fry small amounts of water from the infusoria culture at least twice a day so they will grow quickly.


Keep your infusoria in lighted location.   If you want it to last longer, this is recommended

Use a container (can be 2 quarts or more) Add aged water (water that has sat for 24 hrs.) Fill container 1/2 way leaving enough room to add your infusoria. Add a piece of lettuce. Then add your infusoria from the bag.  The lettuce will break down providing food for your infusoria. You can speed up the process of your lettuce breaking down by before adding it to your container, pour hot water on it and let it sit for 10 minutes and then add it to your container.


Question:  What is the Duck Weed for:


Duck weed is an option and we send it separately. Duck weed added to your aquarium can provide food and hiding places for the 1st stages of life for your fry. Duck week needs minimal care and is good at removing nitrates and excess nutrients from your tank. As a caution, though, it can get stuck to filters and equipment in your tank and can be difficult to get rid of it. So, again, it is sent separately as some do like it and some do not.