Tailless Whip Scorpion

What Are Tailless Whip Scorpions?

  • They belong to an order of arachnids called the Amblypygi (Pronounced: am-bli-pie-gee), which is grouped alongside the True spiders (Araneae) and the Whip Scorpions (Uropygi).
  • Amblypygids look like many spider species, but possess very long modified front legs (often up to 4x the length of the body) that act as feelers to detect vibrations, prey items, obstacles etc.
  • They also have large raptorial pedipalps (these are the things that look like large claws) to capture and hold prey items, males being longer than the females.
  • They do not spin silk and rely on active hunting using their huge claws in order to capture prey.


Temperature:  70 to 75

Ease of Care:   Easy

Diet:   Carnivore.  They are currently eating Hydei fruit flies.  Also, Crickets, worms.

Feeding schedule:  3 to 4 Fruit Flies every 3 days or so and lightly mist every other day.

Moisture:  70% humidity – Lightly spray with aged water every 3rd day (not wet, not to dry)

Scientific Name:   Phrynus marginemaculata

Approximate Adult Size:   Around 3 inches or so stretched out

Temperament:   Peaceful, timid

Recommended Adult Habitat Size:  2.5 to 5-gallon aquarium or equivalent