Walter Worms

  • Your Walter worms are in a plastic bag for transit only. Add the contents of what is in your transit bag ASAP to a 32 oz. container with vented lid. The container must have a tight-fitting lid.  Puncture some small breathing holes in (only lid.)  Use a paper towel or some type of breathable material cut larger than the opening of the container, place that over the opening and then put the lid on.
  • Within a day or so, you should see the Walter worms crawling up the inside of the cup above the media. They are ready for feeding.  Using a Q-tip, you can scoop up the worms to transfer for feeding.
  • No further food or anything else needs to be added. The media that they come in, is their food.

When it’s time to re-culture.

  • We suggest you use our proven CRAZY WORM FORMULA. Using our worm formula, you only need to add water and a pinch of Baker’s yeast to prepare it.
  • Using the worm formula will provide everything you need to care for your banana worms along other types of worms like: Micro-worms, white worms, banana worms and other species.  It is available online and on our website.