Fruit Flies (Hydei, Golden Hydei & Melanogaster)

  • You are receiving a freshly made new Starter Culture with about 100 + adult flies.
  • You can use flies for feeding if you choose. Store on a shelf at about 72 degrees or so.
  • This culture will culture out new flies. Nothing needs to be added or done to it.
  • Melanogaster flies take about 12 days to culture new flies
  • Hydei flies take about 23 days and Golden Hydei flies about 18 days to culture new flies.
  • Make sure to count your ships days.
  • Your culture will go through various stages of the culture process which takes several days. Within 3/5 days AFTER your culture has reached the producing stage, it will hatch out new flies.

Here’s the process.

  • The fruit fly lay eggs. The larvae will migrate upward on the inside of the cup (looks like tiny white worms).  The larvae will pupate which means it darkens as the new fly develops and forms a cocoon.  Your culture will be dark in color, you will see cocoons along the inside of the cup and very few if any fruit flies will still be living as they will have already done their job and they will die before the new ones hatch out.  At this stage, it is considered a producing culture.  Check it daily for the hatching of the new flies.  
  • Each culture is made with OUR PROVEN HIGH YIELD FRUIT FLY MEDIA containing all the vitamins, minerals, and color enhancers that your pets need to thrive. For optimal production Fruit Fly Cultures, should be kept around 70-76 F.
  • Most cultures will have 2-3 booms, with 5-7 days between each one. Once your culture has produced flies, remove those new flies and re-culture them.  Then let your culture sit and it may continue to produce more flies.  That's what we call the 2nd and 3rd bloom.
  • Once your culture has hatched out new flies, it is time to re-culture those flies asap to prevent any gas build up in the cup that can kill the newly hatched out flies. Remove all new flies allowing your culture to sit for about another 5-7 days or so checking each day for any additional new flies that may hatch out.  Once your culture has stop producing, you can clean out your cup using some soap and bleach making this cup reusable.


Additionally, we are here to help if you have any questions, please let us know.