Roly Poly Playground - View Insects-Ladybugs-Pill bugs - Live Insect Bug Habitat

Roly Poly Playground - View Insects-Ladybugs-Pill bugs - Live Insect Bug Habitat

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Insect Playground sold by Insect


Roly-Poly Playground by Uncle Milton

What makes our product different from others?  

We supply 5 live ladybugs! Forest Moss and Water Crystals. 

So it is Educational and Entertaining the moment you receive it.

Item Condition

Brand new, factory sealed

Product Information 

Domed shaped habitat with colorful playground equipment.

Snap tight lid.

Air holes.

Built in water dish.


Comes with 5 Ladybugs

Comes with Forest Moss and water crystals.

Setting Up Your Insect Dome

Gently place your forest moss in the dome.

Add a few water crystals to the built in water dish than add a few drops of water to the crystals.

Cut a raisin in half and place it by the water crystals.  Ladybugs love raisins.

Now add your ladybugs and gently close the dome.

Do not place in direct sunlight or near a high heat source.

Keep your dome around room temperature.


Carry around all your favorite small critters in this portable habitat. 

This roly-poly playground is a dream come true for roly-polies, ladybugs, and other small bugs. 

The dome snap tight lid features air hole for your critters to breath at ease. 

A great gift item for the little explorer!



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