Culturing Micro Worms

Our method of culturing  microworms is very simple. 

Take 3 tsp our Crazy Stuff Worm Formula and simply add aged water until it has the consisity of  very solf ice cream. 

Three tsp is enough for one culture. Our formula has Bakers Yeast already mixed in which will give your culture a kick start.

The worms live on the surface of the mixture.  So sdding more media than what is needed will not yeald you more worms.

Now add a very small amount of your old culture to the new culture.  There are 1000's of worms in a half of tsp.  That is all you need to add.

After just a couple of days you will probably see part of the mix become more fluid-like and glistening in the light. That glistening is the worms wiggling, 1000's of them.

If you keep your culture between 65 and 70% F it should last about a month.  If you keep your culture above 70 F.  it will last mabey 2 weeks before it goes bad.

If you plan on having many cultures check out our Crazy Stuff Worm Formula.  We sell two 1 pound bags for $8.99

Crazy Stuff Worm Formula


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