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Jug of Worms 1 LB Mix-Red Wigglers/European Night Crawlers + 1 LB Worm Chow

Product Description

You will receive: 

1 lb. Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) worms mixed with European Night Crawlers


1 lb. of Crazy Stuff Worm Chow.


8 oz. of Kick Start

Plus Extra Bonus: 

One "Crazy Stuff" Garden or Fishing cap.

The worms can be used for composting Organic Waste into Nutrient Rich Soil plus the larger worms can be used for sport fishing as in trout, bluegill, perch or crappie or feeding amphibians, tropical fish, exotic birds and small lizards.  

Or, you can use them for a classroom nature project.

Your worms will come well fed in a jug that could be used on a small scale for composting.  As such you could conveniently keep your "Jug of Worms" under your kitchen sink.  

These Are Strong Organically Raised Composting Worms Well Fed On Worm Chow And Brown Organics.

One pound of worms IS ONE FULL POUND OF WORMS

We are now packaging the worms in Coconut Coir Fiber and some beneficial Kick Start. Coconut Coir holds moisture much better than peat moss ensuring healthy worms that won't dry out during the shipping process.  The Kick Start has added microbes which they need for nourishment and contains beneficial microbes and some worm eggs along with small worms that have just hatched!  

Our special blend encourages rapid growth and breeding.

This is one awesome worm mix for your compost bin or sport fishing.

We always screen our worms BEFORE we weigh them, then we add the necessary shipping materials.

Both worm species enjoy the warmth.  No refrigeration ever required!

These really are awesome worms that can be used in your garden, flower beds or green houses.  They are healthy, they are active and just the right mix

You will always get fresh worms.  

We HARVEST the SAME DAY we ship. 

That's a promise.


We quick Ship

 We ship Priority Post


$ 49.99

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