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Fruit Flies (Drosophila Melanogaster) - 500 Plus Flies

Product Description

Here's a Fantastic Deal !!

500 + Fruit Flies


Let Us Raise Fruit Flies For You..

YOU ARE SAVING on ... culture supplies ... and time.

Best of all you can reorder anytime.  We will always have fruit flies for you.  

Drosophila melanogaster will be about 11-15 days old when you receive them.   Melanogaster fruit flies are smaller than D. Hydei just reaching 1/16" fully grown.  They will be about 11-15 days old when you receive them.  


Your fruit flies will come in a container with media and excelsior.  Once you receive them we suggesyou separate them out into a few more containers.  Why?  Because they require space and good air flow.

When we ship fruit flies they are packed with insulated padding.  

Please read our reviews.  Customers have commented that we package our products very professionally. 


We do GUARANTEE that all of your flies will arrive healthy and alive provided you follow the conditions listed below.  

If there are problems with your order, please contact us within 12 hours of delivery.

Insect offers a live arrival guarantee on all Live Insects

  • Provided the temperatures during transit do not drop below 30 degrees F. or over 80    degrees F. for next day services.

  • Someone is present to accept the package when it is delivered on the first attempt.






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