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Fruit Flies (Drosophila Hydei) - 500 + Plus Flies

Product Description

500 + Drosophila Hydei Fruit Flies

A Fantastic Deal:   

You are saving on ... culture supplies ... and time.

Actually you will have enough flies to make 10 cultures at 100 flies per culture!

Best of all, you can reorder anytime.  We will always have fruit flies for you.  

Drosophila Hydei are another commonly encountered fruit fly in the hobby. Hydei measure about 1/8”, and are quite a bit larger and ‘meatier’ than D. melanogaster – perfectly suited for dart frogs that prefer larger prey items, or other pets including tropical fish and small birds with similar needs.  This strain will not revert back to fliers at a higher temperature, unlike ‘flightless’ melanogaster.

Your fruit flies will come in a container with media and excelsior.  Once you receive them we suggest you separate them out into a few more containers.  They will not last if you keep them in only one container, there are too many flies and they will suffocate.  

We do GUARANTEE that all of your flies will arrive healthy and alive provided you follow the conditions listed below.  

If there are problems with your order, please contact us within 12 hours of delivery.

Insect offers a live arrival guarantee on all Live Insects

  • Provided the temperatures during transit do not drop below 30 degrees F or above 80 F.

  • Someone is present to accept the package when it is delivered on the first attempt.  Fruit flies cannot sit in a mailbox for any length of time in hot weather or extreme cold.

Please consider if you will need a heat pack.   As a rule, if your temperature falls below 30 degrees day or night, you will need a heat pack.  We cannot guarantee live arrival below 30 degrees without a heat pack. Thank you.



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